Bluecon develops wastewater treatment solutions for various applications such as individual households the smallest household volume and for towns and municipalities up to 10.000 inhabitants.

A Bluecon unit treats wastewater up to 50% less cost than the traditional biological wastewater treatment. It reduces the amount of sludge with almost a third and it brings you reusable water: A quick, economical and sustainable solution without high investment in sewer infrastructure.

Upto 50% Less costs

Than the traditional biological wastewater treatment.

The Process


Bluecon engineers developed a unique treatment process that convert sewage water of domestic origin into clean reusable water. “Bueconizing” is an innovative physical technology to treat wastewater without use of bacteria. In a few steps domestic wastewater is converted into clean surface water or irrigation water.

This is a 100% physical wastewater treatment, that achieves an unprecedented high degree of purity. After “blueconizing”, the water meets the most stringent requirements for clean surface water.

Compact, plug and play water treatment solution for a few people or up to 10.000 inhabitants

Robust system that is easy to operate and low in maintenance

Up to 50% less costs than the traditional biological wastewater treatment

Built in a few weeks and installed in a matter of days

Providing safe re-use of water any time any day


Coagulation and flocculation play a dominant role in the Bluecon wastewater treatment process.


1. Coagulation

2. Flocculation

3. Flotation

4. Filtratrion

5. Desinfection

6. Oxidation & Polishing

  1. After the pre screen, the sewage water ends up in the electrocoagulation.Here, the wastewater is destabilized on a molecule level by the application of a coagulant. Phosphate, metals and organic particles start to clump together due to this process. This creates flakes.
  2. These flakes start to form a large cap of contamination by adding a flocculant. This cap floats to the. We do this by making the flakes rise with the help of air bubbles, so that they float on the surface.
  3. In the flotation tank the sludge particles will float to the top and are removed by a skimmer. The skimmed sludge is now ready for dewatering.
  4. Clean water will be filtered in the next step, so no particles are left in the water. Now we have clear water, but not yet disinfected.
  5. Therefore, the water goes to oxidation module where ammonium is then removed from the water. The water is also immediately disinfected. The sewage water is now very clean and suitable for reuse.
  6. If necessary, we remove even more contamination through a polishing module that makes the water odourless and colourless and further removes BOD and COD and disinfects the water.

The Bluecon 10

Inside the container

We designed a compact modular system, which will change the world of water treatment. Bluecon engineers have developed the unique process called “Blueconizing”, which is a 100% physical wastewater treatment with an unprecedented degree of purification. After “Blueconizing” the water meets the stringent EU discharge requirements.

The modules are configurated according the desired effluent water quality and also by analysing the influent water quality. The modularity of the systems enables a great flexibility when it comes to producing the water quality that is needed for the specific source. Our wastewater treatment plants are therefor custom made, which makes each unit unique.