reusable water for a variety of applications

The directive for the treatment of domestic wastewater, in most countries, requires the collection and treatment of domestic wastewater discharges so that they do not harm the environment. Although this has led into the installation of purification systems in urban areas such as cities, towns and communities in the recent years, still only 14% of regional wastewater is being treated and even less being reused. A vast majority of regional urban wastewater is being discharged without receiving adequate treatment to protect the environment.

This is causing a variety of problems such as: plastic pollution in local waters and the ocean, fish mortality through oxygen shortage in surface water,  algae blooms in water ways and lakes through discharge of nitrogen and phosphate, etc.

It is also a big loss of opportunity to reuse this valuable resource. Bluecon has found a robust technical solution that convert a wastewater stream into an opportunity for sustainable development.


Bluecon treats all types of urban wastewater whether it comes via the sewage system or is collected water from individual septic tanks, Bluecon enables a robust treatment and reuse of the clean effluent for a variety of applications.

The reuse of treated wastewater helps enormously to reach a more efficient water usage. It is a big part of the solution to drought. Bluecon provides a stable and predictable volume of high quality water that can be given back to nature, or to be used for sustainable development such as to water green zones, water for animals or for food production.