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Installation Bluecon-10 unit for municipal wastewater treatment in Romania.


The background

Hida, a small community in Romania, was lacking a wastewater treatment unit. In line with the European laws for protection of the environment and surface water quality, they took action to comply with the European regulations.

The case
Because of the low number of inhabitants (less than 2000) and the fact that the community operates the treatment plant by itself, they were looking for a solid and easy to operate solution.

The solution
A local Romanian engineering company advised them to consider a non-biological solution. Winters in the Northern part of Romania are very cold and temperatures of minus 15 °C are normal. The opposite in summer: the land climate rises temperatures of the wastewater to high levels. Where biological processes do not perform well, extreme temperatures are not influencing the physical solution of Bluecon International.

The Physical wastewater treatment units of Bluecon are especially designed for the treatment of wastewater in these conditions. 

The units are assembled and tested before shipped to the treatment location. The installation and commissioning are done in matter of weeks. 

The Bluecon solution has been taken into operation with complete satisfaction. The unit operates well and meets the NTPA discharge regulations of Romania.


“It’s been a pleasure working with Bluecon International for many years now. Together we installed multiple Bluecon units in Romania. The technology is superior to biological treatment units and it makes me proud to be part of this revolution. As Qualified Instructor of Bluecon Technology I’m training local operators and service engineers”.
Laurentiu Cosmin
Project Manager at Eptec Epurare SRL

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